Digital Monitoring for Healthcare in the Future

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Prevention of diseases and disorders is the best method of avoiding pain, depression, and the risks of surgery and therapy. The present medical system can diagnose the problems, only after the symptoms show up in the human body. It is the primary task of the patient to observe the initial symptoms and report to the physician.

Then he can take up the task of diagnosis, testing, treatment, and other related procedures. One way of making the system more reliable and simpler is to train everyone on the techniques of recognizing the symptoms of any disease or disorder at the initial stages.

Equipment for Symptom Analysis

Today’s biomechanics has advanced enough to produce home-use equipment for detecting blood-glucose, blood-pressure, and many other types of disorders. A patient having one or two ailments can buy the equipment (provided he can afford to) and use them at home. There are many people out there who still can’t afford to buy such equipment.

Symptom Analysis

The focus of futuristic medical equipment should be on creating multi-purpose testing equipment. Though such equipment is already in the market, it is insufficient to meet the needs of analyzing the vast range of diseases and disorders’ symptoms at any stage.

With such a system in place, the patients can take preventive measures very early when they observe the symptoms. According to the experts’ opinion, it can avoid the long term treatment procedures for many of the common and complex diseases.

Preventive Care

The western medical science has progressed consistently towards the healing of many critical and chronic diseases, at any stage today. It can pull the patients out from the jaws of many ailments which were earlier considered to be deadly.

However, it is still unable to find a way for preventive care to the level of expectations. For example, there are very limited options for preventive cancer care. It is because the symptom diagnosis only confirms the results. Caner would have started its progressive in the patient’s body by that time.

Eastern Medication

Medication and treatments from the eastern world are known to prevent many of the chronic and critical diseases even before they show the symptoms. For example, Chinese and Ayurvedic methods can provide perfect remedies for prevention.

The eastern medicine doctors can recognize the possibility of a specific disease based on the analysis of hereditary and harmonic imbalances. Unlike in the west, the local doctors keep examining the people regularly whether they have any symptoms or not. It may look crazy, but it has been working in many countries like China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and many others in South East Asia.

Equipment Customization

The western medical world can customize the symptom analysis equipment, by adding the features of diagnosis from the eastern world. The combination can greatly enhance the early detection of many unknown and untreated diseases.


It takes innovative thinking and open-minded approach to achieve the goals of digital monitoring of diseases and disorders. Then the healthcare for the future will be an all-inclusive process for every patient in the world.

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