What does it Take to Build a Better Future Health

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What does it Take to Build a Better Future Health

Investing in future health is a great asset to your family. I am not talking about any insurance or health plans for you to buy. It is a simple procedure involving nutritious food, regular workout, healthy fruits, and vital fluids. It is a great practice to plan your breakfast, lunch, and supper every day. You may also choose to make it for an entire week, but you have to follow the plan accurately. Take a weekend vacation and go to a nearby beach or a trek on hills. Leave your car at home and take your bike to go shopping. Choose naturally grown veggies over processed and packaged foods. Calculate the investments for every month and compare with the benefits you get. You will be happy about choosing the natural way of life.

Nutritious Foods

Every Sunday evening, I prepare a weekly meal plan and paste it in the kitchen. It contains all the recipes from Monday breakfast to Saturday Supper. Sunday is the day for raw veggies and fruits. Of course, we will have fish and lean meat on the day. But there will be no fried foods.

I am not giving you a list of foods or the vitamin formula for the foods. You know better about your family needs. I am only sharing my experience of shedding weight and burning fat with these foods. Fifteen weeks ago we were the most obese family in our apartment building. Today we have become a lean and healthy family just like the others. What did we do?

Fruit Juices

I have found pomegranate and papaya to be good for early morning fruit juice diet.  We also tried watermelon, lime, and orange. Kiwi is great for vitamins and antioxidants.  Banana and mango can be good if your BMI is below the normal levels. Add nuts and dry fruits to the juices to make them healthier and nourishing.


One liter of pure water early in the morning can wash the bowels and kidneys. Excretion and urination get better. I and my spouse drink about 6 or 7 liters of water every day. It reduces the excess of body heat and balances temperature. Of course, we don’t gulp it down in one go. Sipping one glass of water after every 30 minutes can have kept us hydrated.


An early morning walk every day keeps us fit and healthy. Of course, we are not athletes or sportspersons. I work in a bank, my wife is a teacher and our son is in high school. We use public transport and our son takes the school bus. We use our car only on weekends for taking a vacation. Otherwise, we walk to any destination which is within 3 or 4 miles.

Family Life

Being a closely knit family we spend time with each other whenever we get free time. We speak openly about our wishes, needs, and problems with each other. An open mind and a loving heart keep stress and fatigue away. We have time for every recreational and sporting activity during the weekdays and weekends.

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