Go Green for Better Future Health in Brighton

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Go Green for Better Future

Is Your Home Green

Turn off the Air conditioner in your room. Open the windows and ventilators. Sit comfortably on the sofa without any distractions like the television or your phone.  How long does your feeling of comfort last?

Now, take a look around your room. How many plants are there? Take a walk through your entire home. How many plants can you find? Do you have a garden around your home? If no, there is nothing you can do. If yes, how big is it? How many plants and trees you have out there? If no, how many can you plan to plant? These are some of the factors which have serious implications on the future health of you and your family.

Do You Have a Garden

Neem Sapling

If your garden has 10m X 10m space, you can plant a Neem sapling. You may also opt for a Bonsai Neem tree in a pot. It can grow within the pot and it doesn’t need much space. Try and have as many of them in your home in all the rooms. Keep them in places where the air enters your rooms. For example, open windows, ventilators, etc. The air passing through the Neem leaves is highly oxygenated. Moreover, Neem can absorb most of the carbon dioxide and other micron level contaminants in the air.

Basil Plant

Plant a Bonsai basil sapling in a pot and water it every day. Keep one pot in every room in your house. The air flowing through the plant is medicinal in nature. It can kill many of the bacteria and pathogens, besides keeping the air fresh. The aroma from basil plants can help to prevent many of the infections related to nostrils, throat, eyes and the skin. The volume of oxygenated air is much higher than before.

Aloe Vera Plant

Plant a Bonsai Aloe Vera sapling in a pot. You can keep it anywhere in your home. It doesn’t need too much care. It can survive and grow with minimum watering and organic manure. You can use the leaves to make juice. It is one of the best antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-infectious, and healing plants you can find. The juice is an antidote to many infections which affect the skin, joints, muscles, and internal organs.

Calendula Plant

Plant a calendula sapling in a pot or garden. It can grow in any kind of soil and environment. The flowers are useful for healing infections to the skin, eyes, and joints. The extract can also heal sore eyes, throat, and wounds.

Lavender Plant

Fill your garden with lavender plants. It’s a great healer of breathing problems. You can use the flower extracts to heal wounds and rashes. Inhaling basil and lavender vapors can remove nicotine deposits in the respiratory tracts.

Other Benefits

The other benefits of having these plants in your home and garden are the aromatic environment, calm mind, and a feeling of wellbeing. They can reduce the stress and anxiety levels to a significant extent.   

Herbal Treatments for Future Health Brighton

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Herbal Treatments for Future Health Brighton

What is Herbal Treatment

Herbal treatments at home can give you freedom from common ailments like cough and cold, breathing problems, skin allergies, stomach disorders, and stress-related issues. You can also get relief from psychological disturbances during menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause. I came across such treatments when I visited Asia last month. Many of them are easy to prepare and simple to use. They have absolutely no side effects since the ingredients are natural. Let me share some of my experiences. You don’t need to depend on prescription medicines which may have side effects on your mind and body in the future.

Common Cold

Ginger and cardamom are known for their healing effects for the common cold. You can grind them to make a powder. Store it in a cool place. Add one spoon of powder to warm water and drink when you feel the sensation of irritation in your throat. It can provide soothing effects and eliminate the mucus from your nostrils effectively. You can start breathing normally without any symptoms of blockages.

Alternately, you can also use ginger with garlic to make a paste. Besides healing common cold, it can also remove the mucus within the lungs, throat, and nostrils.

Add one spoon of salt to one cup of warm water and mix well until it dissolves. Gargle your throat and spit out. You have to raise your neck up while gargling. It clears all the contaminants and mucus accumulated in your throat and relieves pain.

Frequent Cough

The marshmallow root powder is useful for reducing the symptoms of cough to a significant extent. Respiratory tract cleaning is the first benefit you experience. It can also act as a preventive measure for cough during all seasons. If you are a smoker, it removes the nicotine and other contaminants from your lungs to a considerable extent. The remedy is available in the form of capsules and powder.


Mint and basil leaves can provide healing from constipation. You can add a handful of them to a cup of hot water. Wait until the hot water extracts all the ingredients for a few minutes. Then you can drink the water without removing the leaves. Do it twice a day and you can get relief from constipation within 24 hours to 48 hours. You can also prepare a paste and store in a bottle for future use.

Skin Allergies

Take a handful of fresh Neem leaves in a bowl. Add one spoon of turmeric powder, one spoon of honey, one spoon of lime juice, and one spoon of ginger. Mix well and make a paste. Apply all over your body and let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Then you can shower. You don’t need to use any soap or shampoo, as the ingredients have all the cosmetic qualities.

You can eliminate many of the skin allergies like acne, rashes, and pimples, as well as aging disorders. The wrinkles on your skin go away and it gets rejuvenated.


You can get more benefits from home herbal remedies. I will share more details about the other simple remedies in my next blog articles.

Teen Health for Better Future in Brighton

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Teen Health for Better Future in Brighton

Teenage is the most critical period in one’s life. Fit and healthy teens can grow up to become the responsible citizens of the state and the nation. Teens can be the most potential candidates of the military and civilian services. They can be the foundation for a sound and healthy economy. Hence, taking care of teen health is an important investment for any community or society.

Teen Health and Nutrition

Nutrition plays an important role in shaping the fitness levels of teens. I have seen many of them being skinny and pale, in spite of getting the best nutrition. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the quantity of foods they get. It is only the quality of the foods they get.

You have to ensure that you teen children get naturally grown foods. Green-grass fed animals are better for milk and meat. It is because they have no chemicals or artificial hormones injected into them. They can digest foods better and enjoy good health.

Meat, fish, poultry, and veggies have to be an integral part of every teen food. Fruit juices like pomegranate, apple, guava, and watermelon can be the healthiest ingredients for beverages. They should have a regular intake of such foods thrice a day from morning breakfast to the supper in the night.

Fried Foods

Avoiding packed and processed foods like pizza may not be practical during teenage. I have seen many of my friends trying to impose prohibitions on such foods to their teen children. I often wonder how they could do it. It is for the simple reason that we have had so much beef and beer while we were teens. I have been a regular customer to the pizzas, burgers, fried foods, and other so-called junk foods.

Good Foods

Since it is not possible to avoid fried foods, it is possible to have additions of good quality foods. Add plenty of raw veggies, fruits, cereals, whole breads, meats, fish and poultry. They can compensate for the fried and other forms of foods.


It is essential for teens to consume plenty of water and vital fluids. Supplements rich in vitamins, proteins, and vitamins can enhance muscular strength. Avoid cold water directly from the refrigerator, unless it is essential. You can keep the refrigerated water in the open air for about 10 minutes before giving to your teen children. It can help prevent many of the infections to the throat, nostrils, and respiratory tracts.

Morning Workouts

It is highly essential for teens to have early morning workouts. They can start with long walks in the beginning. They can opt for swimming, cycling, and soccer to ensure the lean body and strong muscles. Obese teens should have regular consultations with physicians and gym trainers for burning fat and shedding weight.


Avoiding tobacco and drugs is a very important criterion for ensuring good health and fitness. Consumption of alcohol (if any) should be limited to weekend wine or beer.

What does it Take to Build a Better Future Health

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What does it Take to Build a Better Future Health

Investing in future health is a great asset to your family. I am not talking about any insurance or health plans for you to buy. It is a simple procedure involving nutritious food, regular workout, healthy fruits, and vital fluids. It is a great practice to plan your breakfast, lunch, and supper every day. You may also choose to make it for an entire week, but you have to follow the plan accurately. Take a weekend vacation and go to a nearby beach or a trek on hills. Leave your car at home and take your bike to go shopping. Choose naturally grown veggies over processed and packaged foods. Calculate the investments for every month and compare with the benefits you get. You will be happy about choosing the natural way of life.

Nutritious Foods

Every Sunday evening, I prepare a weekly meal plan and paste it in the kitchen. It contains all the recipes from Monday breakfast to Saturday Supper. Sunday is the day for raw veggies and fruits. Of course, we will have fish and lean meat on the day. But there will be no fried foods.

I am not giving you a list of foods or the vitamin formula for the foods. You know better about your family needs. I am only sharing my experience of shedding weight and burning fat with these foods. Fifteen weeks ago we were the most obese family in our apartment building. Today we have become a lean and healthy family just like the others. What did we do?

Fruit Juices

I have found pomegranate and papaya to be good for early morning fruit juice diet.  We also tried watermelon, lime, and orange. Kiwi is great for vitamins and antioxidants.  Banana and mango can be good if your BMI is below the normal levels. Add nuts and dry fruits to the juices to make them healthier and nourishing.


One liter of pure water early in the morning can wash the bowels and kidneys. Excretion and urination get better. I and my spouse drink about 6 or 7 liters of water every day. It reduces the excess of body heat and balances temperature. Of course, we don’t gulp it down in one go. Sipping one glass of water after every 30 minutes can have kept us hydrated.


An early morning walk every day keeps us fit and healthy. Of course, we are not athletes or sportspersons. I work in a bank, my wife is a teacher and our son is in high school. We use public transport and our son takes the school bus. We use our car only on weekends for taking a vacation. Otherwise, we walk to any destination which is within 3 or 4 miles.

Family Life

Being a closely knit family we spend time with each other whenever we get free time. We speak openly about our wishes, needs, and problems with each other. An open mind and a loving heart keep stress and fatigue away. We have time for every recreational and sporting activity during the weekdays and weekends.

Reasons Why Children Should Be Involved In Gardening

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It is not easy for parents to get young children to take up gardening. Most of the time, some excuse or the other is arrived at as not to allow themselves to get dirty or sodden.  But it has been found that there are advantages to starting a garden patch or a small garden in the backyard. We shall look to see what goes as far as a garden patch is concerned towards the development of the children’s habits. 

Being Educational

A simple garden patch is more than just a simple collection of plants or vegetables. The more complex operations can be seen to be having vermicompost pits and even a number of recycling programs to boot. For the young children, there cannot be a greater pleasure than to see the plants grow as they are tended to every day and for the family as a whole, it is never a bad sight to have some home grown veggies on the table during the meal.

Healthy Hobby

One of the facts of modern living and children is the amount of time the young ones spend in front of the TV screens and the computer. A garden patch brings to life features that cannot be done with simple screens.  It is a good excuse to spend more time in the outdoors than ever before. 

Gardening for Children

Gardening can boost the observation times of the children most of the time. It tends to boost the immunity of the toddlers most of the time too. On the whole, it is a healthy effect on the young ones to be taking to gardening.


Gardening is but a good chance to exercise out in the open. The sun and wind are things that are not allowed into most of the interiors of the houses and homes. People should welcome the chances of taking to gardening as a hobby as well as a necessity. For this purpose, the garden does not have to be large and big. Just a few pots kept on the terrace of the home would do most of the time. 


Starting a garden patch should be the first step towards attaining responsibility among the children.  Watering and weeding the plants only stress the need to be responsible to another and in turn to each other as well. Children who have responsible parents tend to be introduced to responsible ways early on in the young lives.  If there are more than a single child, it would be best to allocate some part of the garden to each one of the little ones and to have an overseership. This is also a good time to make people understand the virtues of teamwork and team spirit.


There can be no denying that a garden patch is a good start to a young and impressionable mind.  At the same time, every effort should be taken to see that the full benefits to the garden patch are made use of daily to bring direct benefit to the participants. It helps too to have something from the garden to garnish the table from time to time as well.

Digital Monitoring for Healthcare in the Future

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Prevention of diseases and disorders is the best method of avoiding pain, depression, and the risks of surgery and therapy. The present medical system can diagnose the problems, only after the symptoms show up in the human body. It is the primary task of the patient to observe the initial symptoms and report to the physician.

Then he can take up the task of diagnosis, testing, treatment, and other related procedures. One way of making the system more reliable and simpler is to train everyone on the techniques of recognizing the symptoms of any disease or disorder at the initial stages.

Equipment for Symptom Analysis

Today’s biomechanics has advanced enough to produce home-use equipment for detecting blood-glucose, blood-pressure, and many other types of disorders. A patient having one or two ailments can buy the equipment (provided he can afford to) and use them at home. There are many people out there who still can’t afford to buy such equipment.

Symptom Analysis

The focus of futuristic medical equipment should be on creating multi-purpose testing equipment. Though such equipment is already in the market, it is insufficient to meet the needs of analyzing the vast range of diseases and disorders’ symptoms at any stage.

With such a system in place, the patients can take preventive measures very early when they observe the symptoms. According to the experts’ opinion, it can avoid the long term treatment procedures for many of the common and complex diseases.

Preventive Care

The western medical science has progressed consistently towards the healing of many critical and chronic diseases, at any stage today. It can pull the patients out from the jaws of many ailments which were earlier considered to be deadly.

However, it is still unable to find a way for preventive care to the level of expectations. For example, there are very limited options for preventive cancer care. It is because the symptom diagnosis only confirms the results. Caner would have started its progressive in the patient’s body by that time.

Eastern Medication

Medication and treatments from the eastern world are known to prevent many of the chronic and critical diseases even before they show the symptoms. For example, Chinese and Ayurvedic methods can provide perfect remedies for prevention.

The eastern medicine doctors can recognize the possibility of a specific disease based on the analysis of hereditary and harmonic imbalances. Unlike in the west, the local doctors keep examining the people regularly whether they have any symptoms or not. It may look crazy, but it has been working in many countries like China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and many others in South East Asia.

Equipment Customization

The western medical world can customize the symptom analysis equipment, by adding the features of diagnosis from the eastern world. The combination can greatly enhance the early detection of many unknown and untreated diseases.


It takes innovative thinking and open-minded approach to achieve the goals of digital monitoring of diseases and disorders. Then the healthcare for the future will be an all-inclusive process for every patient in the world.