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Go Green for Better Future Health in Brighton

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Go Green for Better Future

Is Your Home Green

Turn off the Air conditioner in your room. Open the windows and ventilators. Sit comfortably on the sofa without any distractions like the television or your phone.  How long does your feeling of comfort last?

Now, take a look around your room. How many plants are there? Take a walk through your entire home. How many plants can you find? Do you have a garden around your home? If no, there is nothing you can do. If yes, how big is it? How many plants and trees you have out there? If no, how many can you plan to plant? These are some of the factors which have serious implications on the future health of you and your family.

Do You Have a Garden

Neem Sapling

If your garden has 10m X 10m space, you can plant a Neem sapling. You may also opt for a Bonsai Neem tree in a pot. It can grow within the pot and it doesn’t need much space. Try and have as many of them in your home in all the rooms. Keep them in places where the air enters your rooms. For example, open windows, ventilators, etc. The air passing through the Neem leaves is highly oxygenated. Moreover, Neem can absorb most of the carbon dioxide and other micron level contaminants in the air.

Basil Plant

Plant a Bonsai basil sapling in a pot and water it every day. Keep one pot in every room in your house. The air flowing through the plant is medicinal in nature. It can kill many of the bacteria and pathogens, besides keeping the air fresh. The aroma from basil plants can help to prevent many of the infections related to nostrils, throat, eyes and the skin. The volume of oxygenated air is much higher than before.

Aloe Vera Plant

Plant a Bonsai Aloe Vera sapling in a pot. You can keep it anywhere in your home. It doesn’t need too much care. It can survive and grow with minimum watering and organic manure. You can use the leaves to make juice. It is one of the best antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-infectious, and healing plants you can find. The juice is an antidote to many infections which affect the skin, joints, muscles, and internal organs.

Calendula Plant

Plant a calendula sapling in a pot or garden. It can grow in any kind of soil and environment. The flowers are useful for healing infections to the skin, eyes, and joints. The extract can also heal sore eyes, throat, and wounds.

Lavender Plant

Fill your garden with lavender plants. It’s a great healer of breathing problems. You can use the flower extracts to heal wounds and rashes. Inhaling basil and lavender vapors can remove nicotine deposits in the respiratory tracts.

Other Benefits

The other benefits of having these plants in your home and garden are the aromatic environment, calm mind, and a feeling of wellbeing. They can reduce the stress and anxiety levels to a significant extent.